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Girls Inspire Tech: is your daughter passionate about technology?

Diversity is essential, also in the world of science and technology, where many inspiring women have achieved and continue achieving great things every day. Promoting the end of the gender gap in the technological environment and strengthening the image of women in sectors related to STEM careers is essential to approach concepts such as Cybersecurity, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Hacking, Programming, etc. to the girls and young women who aspire to become Lady Hackers in the future.

Girls Inspire Tech´s third edition, promoted by Telefónica's #LadyHacker and dedicated to the daughters of company employees, seeks to promote diversity in the technological environment and inspire the youngest to continue to keep up their enthusiasm for working in this field.

Therefore, in this last edition, held in January 2020, Chema Alonso and our #LadyHacker members inspired the girls in our technological laboratory, with different workshops to learn and develop their knowledge.


About Girls Inspire Tech

At Telefónica, we believe that in order to create technology you have to be passionate about it, and there should be no correlation between gender and occupation. That is why we have launched Girls Inspire Tech, an initiative promoted by the best professionals working in Telefónica, in the Aura Units (Artificial Intelligence), ElevenPaths (Cybersecurity), LUCA (Big Data) and Cuarta Platforma, to support the dream of those girls who are passionate about technology and fields related to STEM careers.

Past editions

Girls Inspire Tech: ¿es tu hija una apasionada de la tecnología?

En la tercera edición de Girls Inspire Tech, impulsado por las #MujeresHacker de Telefónica y dedicado a hijas de empleados de la compañía, buscamos fomentar la diversidad en el entorno tecnológico e inspirar a las más jóvenes para que sigan mantenido su ilusión de dedicarse a este campo.

Por ello, en esta tercera edición, celebrada en enero de 2020, Chema Alonso y nuestras #MujeresHacker inspiraron a las niñas en nuestro laboratorio tecnológico, con diferentes talleres para aprender y desarrollar sus conocimientos.

Girls Inspire Tech 2018: the technology lab for girls

The Girls Inspire Tech 2018 edition started with a welcome speech by Chema Alonso, former Chief Data Officer at Telefónica and current CDCO of the company, followed by Chus Almazor, CEO of Telefónica España, who reminded all those present that they were the real stars of the conference, followed by Elena Gil, Global Director of Product & Commercial Operations in Telefonica IoT & Big Data, who surprised the audience with her message about the value of data.

It was the turn of Isabel López who, throughout her participation, convinced us that we all have a gift and we just have to learn how to use it. Yaiza Rubio, analyst and Eva Suárez, programmer at ElevenPaths, took the pulse of the digital life of the attendees with whom they interacted to show the importance of cyber security.

Girls Inspire Tech: Bringing technology to girls through games

The day of the first Girls Inspire Tech 2017 edition began with a welcome from Elena Gil, Global Director of Product & Commercial Operations in Telefonica IoT & Big Data, who recalled, as the Chief Data Officer at Telefónica and current CDCO of the company Chema Alonso did so, that the world of technology is fun, has great potential regarding the jobs of the future and does not welcome professions that discriminate against women.

From ElevenPaths, Yaiza Rubio, Intelligence Analyst, and Marina Bezares, Software Developer, reminded that 100% security does not exist in the field of cyber security, showing the girls through some examples how to detect certain threats that exist in our daily lives on the Internet and social networks. An interesting talk accompanied by two practical activities focused on getting girls involved and seeing how some tools related to cyber security work.